Exploring Anatomy & Radiology Imaging

Exploring Anatomy & Radiology Imaging

Scottechpharm Radiology leverages our web-based platform, which provides the ultimate PACS experience while allowing you to keep overall costs down. Scottechpharm Radiology Station, the client application of our Scottechpharm Radiology solution, provides high-resolution image-display, workflow-efficiency and system-integration capabilities that you have come to expect. At the same time, Scottechpharm Radiology decreases your TCO via a flexible and scalable architecture that successfully handles your organization’s growing data-management needs. Continue Reading

Precision medicine

Precision Medicine will bring patients and providers closer together. Let’s start with the relationship between patients and providers. Historically, a patient doesn’t feel well and goes to the doctor or hospital for care. The provider makes an initial diagnosis based on knowledge, experience and diagnostic test results. The provider decides on a course of treatment based on evidence-based medicine protocols developed for all patients who have comparable symptoms and test results. More and more, this process includes the active use of clinical decision support tools.

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Molecular Test

The marketplace for molecular and genetic diagnostic tests is booming, along with the need to judge the efficacy of those tests. However, does the test give accurate results? Will test results lead to the appropriate medical intervention? Will that intervention lead to better health? And is the cost of the test worth the ultimate outcome for the patient? Continue Reading