Integrative Health Services



Integrative health is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. It incorporates and complements your current healthcare treatments by tapping into your body’s natural healing capabilities. It can also address the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and illness.

Acupuncture Health Service

Treatment options for pain management, infertility, women’s health, and other modern ailments.
Acupuncture for Addiction
Acupuncture for Fertility
Acupuncture for Obstetrics
Acupuncture Safety #NoPTDryNeedling
Acupuncture for Pain Management
Acupuncture for Quit Smoking

Acupuncture Works have shown that with the insertion of acupuncture needles the body responds in certain ways. Once the needle penetrates the skin the body responds by treating the needle as a foreign invader. This triggers the body’s injury response.

Integrative Health Services Offers

Successful pharmaceutical product launches don’t happen by accident. They are the result of careful, painstaking market research that produces actionable information that directs drug product rollouts. Scottech’s health care informatics expertise takes that process to a new level for our pharmaceutical manufacturing partners. Our data-driven insights allow you to customize launch plans by industry segment: Patients, payers and providers.

We use our advanced analytics capabilities to model the cost and benefit impact for new and existing drug products to assist you with payer benefits and coverage decisions. We conduct prescriber and patient market analyses to determine market acceptance and pain points for your new and existing pharmaceuticals. The tactical metrics from your programs identify and support continuing refinements to your product launch and market penetration strategy.